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Responsive, nimble and athletic.........


​Playful, robust and lively.........

Keen, swift and agile...........

Small, sleek and elegant.............

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​Extremely quick thinking, vigilant, intellegent and alert, the manchester is a loyal and good friend to its master. They display the true terrier nature of being high spritied, powerful and cunning, also independant and faithful! They learn fast(bad habits too if allowed!) and love nothing more than to please its owner. A discerning breed means they can be wary of strangers. But will make firm friends when allowed to do so in their own time.

A sporty breed, WOW are they speedy! Manchesters can be fabulous at activities such as flyball and agility

turpin-season1-agility-prizes-2 (640x426).jpg

 Rattustrap Directors (Turpin) the agility STAR!!!!

​Hardy little dogs, who as an adult can keep going all day and also just as happy to have a lazy day on the sofa. Manchester Terriers gravitate towards heat! You will often see them vying for space next to the radiator, snuggled under blankets, or both!


Gladys cosy on her bed

Are they good with children? They sure are! Manchesters make fantastic companions for families with children. Children should be taught how to display leadership towards their dog...........but also taught to be kind and gentle. Just as a Manchester Terrier need rules, so do children. No pulling or teasing.

​Laura with her Manchester Terrier Rattustrap Old Crafty Hen (Tia)

​Sooooo are they good with other animals? YES YES YES YES YES !!!!!!. Its all about socialisation as a puppy.

Blinky Bob and Fuji (430x640).jpg  ​

​Rattustrap Boondoggle (Bob) with his best friend Auntie Fuji

        Ellie Roberts and het cat friend (300x225).jpg

                            Tia with her goat                                Rattustrap Elsie Mo (Ellie Roberts) with her cat friend

​However, Manchester Terriers should not be trusted with small non-canine animals as the hunting instinct in them as a ratter is strong. They will instinctively chase small furry creatures such as rabbits and squirrels


Manchester Terriers need leadership from their humans. They need to know where they belong in your pack. Without enough mental stimulation or if they are allowed to become pack leader above their humans they may become dominant and upset leading to destructive behaviour.​ They need to be thoroughly socialised when young and know rules, limtations and boundaries. A Manchester MUST go to puppy training. A lack of human leadership can result in them becoming demanding and headstrong.

Well balanced Manchester Terriers have owners which do not let them develop human induced behaviours, where the dog thinks he's pack leader. If given what they need as a canine animal, they are wonderful pets and companions.

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Rattustrap Humdinger (Indy) and Alec