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We were contacted by Bev O'Neil The BMTC welfare co-ordinator asking us if we were able to assist in rehoming a young Manchester Terrier girl who lived local to us.

An unfortunate change in work arrangements meant Pixie was home alone for long periods of time and also barking excessively when she had no human company, causing problems with the neighbours.  Her very upset owner knew for Pixie's well being and happiness that she would have to let her go.

To ease the situation we brought Pixie home with us..........

Pixie was bred by our very good friend, the late Barbara Simpson-Collins. Barbara knew of Pixies circumstances, but having recently lost her dear husband to cancer and herself being diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer, was unable to take her back.

We immediately contacted Barbara, who was delighted we had given Pixie a new home.

In the following months we liaised closely with Barbra. Any decisions made were jointly made with Barbara and with her full consent.  

Pixie is still here...........unfortunately Barbara isn't. Well Pixie is a little piece of Barbara, so yep Barbara is still here........and that makes us smile​