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vWD Tested 17/01/2012 CLEAR

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​Ch Digelsa Dictator


Real Espana At Rattustrap



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During the summer of 2011 we were contacted by Paivi Hituri & Timo Virta who expressed an interest in a bitch puppy from Diesels forthcomming litter.

Well 2 girls sorted, one for Paivi and one for us.................However Diesel whelped a litter of SIX BOYS EEK!

A difficult telephone call to Finland, or so we expected, resulted ultimately in Paivi having pick of Diesels litter.

Paivi had booked her flight to visit us before the puppies were born........ and was so impressed with the litter that she decided to have one of the boys.

Onni flew over to Helsinki one cold January morning and soon settled in his new home with 2 new Manchester pals Dina and Prada. 

'ONNI' translated into English means 'LUCK' and boy has Onni brought Paivi and Timo lots of it. 

  • Best Puppy in Breed awards at International Shows in Finland & Championship Shows in The UK
  • Best Puppy in Show at The 2012 Manchester Terrier European Happening &  at The 2012 BMTC  Championship Show
  • Two Reserve Dog CC's whilst competing in Puppy Classes
  • A CC at his first show out of the Puppy Class
  • Onni becomes the FIRST Manchester Terrier to quality for The Puppy Of The Year Finals in the competitions 41 year history......beating 197 other puppies.​

​Onni is now back in Finland and will be shown in Europe during 2013 &2014. Onni is also being trained in agility and obedience. 

We hope to have him back in The UK.............. soon!