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​​​We are Phil and Estella. Our love of pedigree dogs brought us together and soon afterwards the Rattustrap Manchester Terrier Kennel was founded.

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Rattustrap is a small hobby kennel based in the heart of rural Nottinghamshire, minutes from Sherwood Forest 'Robin Hood Country'

Our dogs are first and foremost pets and companions who live in the home as part of our family. We only breed a litter after careful planning.......occasionally.

Our main breed interests are showing our Manchester Terriers at Kennel Club licensed events throughout the country and helping at organised events held by The British Manchester Terrier Club.

National terrier 2012.jpg

 National Terrier Championship Show 2012

We were both raised in dog owning households and have many years experience in owning, showing and breeding before discovering the delightful Manchester Terrier.

Phil has owned Weimeraners, Great Danes, Dobermans and Neopolitain Mastiffs and I, Cocker Spaniels, Bearded Collies and Portuguese Water Dogs. A beautiful, aloof and proud Portuguese Water Dog 'Neeta' is still here with us. Neeta, now 9 years old, tries her best to be patient with the potty black and tan terrors! ...................and more ofte​n than not ignores them TOTALLY!

Neeta 2011.JPG

​Gemson Jezabel of Kimberwae ShCM (2CC's)


When selecting a kennel name many breeders use a word or an amalgamation of words which are important to them........ this could be as simple as snippets of family names or could be from local placed & historical events. We chose our kennel name to highlight relevant words to link us to the Manchester Terrier.

RATTUS: The generic name for the black and brown rat.

TRAP: Ummmmmmm trap. Well the Manchester Terrier was used in the now banned sport of 'Rat Pits' AND the Manchester Terrier was the rat pit 'Trap'. TaDaaaaaaa RATTUSTRAP


 Painting of a Rat Pit circa 1850