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​vWD Tested 10/08/2010 CARRIER

Deez aged 4 (284x640).jpg

​  Megellan Flash Harry ​x​ Eaglespur Pansy


When we decided a Manchester would be the right choice for us, we spent many an hour researching the breed, visited shows and met many breeders. Bev O'Neil (Megellan) in

Oxfordshire pressed all the right buttons for us and she kindly agreed to let us have a bitch puppy from her forthcoming litter.

However fate had other plans.......the litter contained 5 boys.

Luckily a boy owned by Pauline Smith and bred by Bev had just sired a litter. ​

Diesel was our first Manchester and our foundation bitch.  Diesel, as all 'firsts' seem to be, is very special to us. 

She wasn't bought as a show dog...... but if a show came along.......

Diesel was the dog that introduced Phil to the dog showing world. And got him hooked!

She had some nice results in the ring as a puppy and young adult but we knew she would never get top honours so decided to retire her from the ring and concentrate on showing Boycee. 

Diesel has a beautiful, mainly Eaglespur pedigree and has whelped heatlhy litters of puppies with fantastic temperaments....... from which we have kept Dave & Betty.

Diesel is now happily retired